Dash is a dashboard User Interface Kit build in Webflow. It is designed to function as a front-end for dashboards and applications. Dash can be used natively in Webflow or be exported to be integrated with another CMS system.

Third party integrations

This template consists of mostly static pages designed to be connected to third party integrations like Zapier, Memberstack, and Airtable.

On this page you can find a list of integrations you can use to enhance your websites and unlock all kinds of functionality, find and embed plugins and widgets and get images, videos, and other assets for your site.

Grids and Modules

This template is mostly build using Grids. You can find all the pre-defined Grids in the Style Guide. Modules are then placed within the Grids.


Dash comes with 286 beautiful open source icons categorized in 7 colors. You can find them in the Assets (J). Choose a color and find the perfect icon in seconds using the search option.